Higgins have being carrying out specialist gas installations for over 40 years and have been members of the British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA) for that time. From copper to stainless steel, braized to orbitally welded, we design, install & maintain all laboratory bottled gas and bulk storage systems.

Our fully trained operatives install laboratory gas systems in line with BCGA guidelines and using the most up to date techniques ensuring the internal cleanliness of all our installations. On completion all systems are tested and certified along with a full written scheme of examination provided on completion.


  • automatic changeover systems
  • manual changeover systems
  • safety relief systems
  • fume cupboard installations
  • pressure regulated systems
  • oxygen depletion systems


  • automatic changeover systems
  • manual changeover systems
  • safety relief systems
  • fume cupboard installations
  • pressure regulated systems
  • oxygen depletion systems

  • Laboratory
    High pressure systems with high purity ratings for equipment such as Hplc, Incubator, Mass Spectrometry, Nmr, Gas Chromatography
  • Dentistry
    Anaesthetic machines
  • Medical
    High grade materials, degressed pipework
  • Veterinary
    Tailored specifically to the unique requirements of veterinary practices
  • Educational
    Schools and university laboratories – gases including NG, Acteline
  • Process Line
    Food packaging process requiring CO2, N2 and O2
  • Manufacturing
    Shielding gases for laser cutting, steel fabrication
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Each installation is custom designed ensuring the system meets the current intended purpose and future requirements. Following an initial meeting we will propose a design applying the latest codes of practice and our experience in designing and installing specialist gas systems for the last 40 years.

A well designed system will result in:

  • Fewer fittings for reduced cost.
  • Correctly sized tubing to achieve maximum purity, saving gas and time.
  • Design that complies with the Codes of Practice of the British Compressed Gas Association.

Piped gas not only offers a much-needed solution to traditional cylinders but it can also offer substantial savings too.

  • Dramatically Reduce Your Gas Bill
  • Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • Space Saving
  • Gas Scavenging Systems


All our tubing is chemically clean to ensure that no contamination is introduced into your instrumentation. High quality compression fittings are used so there are no purity problems which can be caused by brazing flux.

We take every precaution to hide tubing completely whenever we can and trunk it when that is not possible. We terminate our lines with fittings to suit the instruments you intend to use so you can resume work immediately.



We always leak test and certify our systems prior to departure, leaving you with a permanent record on which to base future inspections

Gas systems are required to be inspected and tested annually. Where the system remains unchanged from the previous test the test can be at working cylinder pressure. If the system has been repaired or modified, then the test must be at 150% working pressure. We have the equipment and facilities to test at these high pressures in situ.

We work with you to develop the appropriate service level agreement for your equipment and needs, taking into consideration such factors as age and type of equipment, operational importance and budget. This approach ensures that you only pay for the level of service needed to meet your requirements. We can also offer two or three year plans, saving you even more.



Installations are carried out using expertise gained over many and varied systems to install fully tested and functioning systems on time at a competitive price. Our installations are carried out by experienced engineers with knowledge of laboratory instruments as well as gas systems.

Our engineers each have an average of 19 years experience. They have a wide, ever-expanding range of expertise, due to our strong commitment to hiring only the best engineers and providing ongoing training and skills development. This maintains our high first time fix rate and therefore reduces your downtime.

It is not only the experience of our engineers that is second to none; the service support team are professionals, who in using our Service Management Software, ensure you experience a seamless service.