Is your school prepared for the cold?


Is your school prepared for the cold?

Back to school

It’s not just the students who need to get ready for starting the autumn term; the school boiler needs to as well. It’s easy to overlook, but checking that your school boiler is in full working order before the new term starts is essential. Whether it’s to prevent distractions, gas leaks, or your boiler breaking down, it’s time to think about why boiler maintenance is vital.

Minimal distractions

August has flown by; unfortunately, not everyone will have thought about utilising the summer break the best they can. In the UK, none of us are strangers to the biting cold weather that is due on our doorsteps soon. Checking up on school boilers should be a priority nationwide before the cold weather takes over.

Boilers are a topic many people don’t likely think about during the summer months. But, it’s essential that it’s brought to their attention. Broken boilers won’t help to keep the cold at bay come September which can lead to students sat at their desks uncomfortable and lacking focus.

Making sure your boiler is functioning properly will not only keep the cold out; it will also keep students and staff alike from being distracted and will make the school day a little bit easier.

Health and safety

Even if you think a boiler is working the way it should be, make sure you keep on top of paperwork and regulations. You also need to make sure you seek out ongoing maintenance and servicing; it’s better to be safe than sorry. Boiler maintenance is vital; you never know when things can go wrong, so it’s best to get a professional to have a look and assess for whether or not your boiler is in order.

It’s also essential to conduct maintenance on your school boiler to make sure it’s in line with safety guidelines. There’s always a chance that it could become a risk to the surrounding environment such as a gas leak. Make sure your boiler presents minimal risk by double checking that carbon monoxide alarms are working.

Out with the old, in with the new

Traditional boilers can need regular repairs, with this in mind, is it time to invest in a new one? A new boiler will be far more efficient and will keep maintenance and repair costs down. There is no more waiting an hour for the heating to kick in.

Traditional steel panel radiators had their place once upon a time, but now, more than ever, schools are turning to suspended radiator panels. Not only are these beneficial when thinking about health safety (no risk of students burning fingers), they are also great as they free up wall space.

If your boiler is yet to be serviced, start making plans for it to be as soon as possible.

Keeping on top of your school’s heat distribution system helps you avoid expensive repairs and damage. Get in touch today on 1625613308, to see how Higgins can help you.