new boiler

A new boiler for winter

A new boiler for winter

As the summer comes to an end, we are all preparing for the winter months. With that in mind, have you considered having your boiler serviced for when the cold hits? Or even investing in a new boiler?

Before the frigid weather takes hold, it’s critical to check whether your boiler needs any repairs. Earlier in the year, reports showed that the cold weather cost the UK £1bn a day. Don’t leave your business and employees in the dark.

Servicing your boiler should be an annual priority, and the sooner you get it done, the better. Not only does it ensure your heating system is working, but also minimises risks to health and safety.

New installation

You may find that a new boiler is a better investment than having to repair an older model continuously. If this is the case, maximising space is an essential factor to consider when installing a new heating system.

Maximising space

Think about how to maximise space for your new boiler; you will need enough room to access certain boiler parts. There should be no restrictions when accessing elements like this. For example, the flue needs to be a specific distance from windows and doors that are close in proximity; this helps to avoid toxic waste from re-entering the building.

Long-term plans

If you decide to install a new system, plan for the future; in order to maximise space and to comply with regulations, allow for future space even if you don’t require the additional space right now.


As of April 2018, there has been new legislation regarding heating systems and boiler installation in England. The changes, known as Boiler Plus, are a result of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy ruling that energy efficiency should and can perform better.

The legislation means that all boilers are now required to have a minimum Energy-related Products (ErP) rating of 92%, and that they are fitted with suitable time and temperature controls.

If you plan to stick with your current boiler and find that it’s functioning well and is regularly serviced, the new legalisation won’t apply to you. However, if you decide to install a new system, it’s vital that you research legitimate, Gas Safe registered engineering services.

Remember, if you install a boiler that doesn’t follow the new legalisation, you are breaking the law and can face fines, and put your and other people’s health at risk.

Whether you stick with your old boiler or install a new one, it’s essential that you continue to have your boiler serviced regularly to avoid expensive repair costs and health problems.

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