commercial boiler system

Choosing a replacement commercial boiler system

Choosing a replacement commercial boiler system

Servicing your commercial boiler system annually should be a top priority. The earlier you look into it, the better, and the sooner you will be notified if you need a replacement. Summer is the best time to carry this out. That way, when the winter comes, you will have a brand new system ready and waiting to get you through the frigid months ahead. But, since we are past that point, the next best time is now. So, how do you know which one to choose?

Consider emissions

Businesses are making a conscious effort to be greener. The damage fossil fuels and harmful emissions are doing to our environment can be considerably cut down if we used fuel more responsibly. Luckily, they are more efficient than ever. They use a fraction of the gas that traditional boilers would need to heat commercial buildings. This doesn’t just save the planet. It saves money too due to decreased consumption.

Smart controls

It is essential that your new commercial boiler system is up to the current environmental protection standards. It should be as efficient as possible. This means looking for one with an efficiency rating in the 90s at a minimum. But, there are other ways to improve boiler efficiency to save on costs and energy.

This could include installing smart controls so you can manage the system on a complicated, energy-saving schedule. These can be managed remotely over the internet. You will spend less time worrying about your building and dealing with staff complaints about the temperature with no easy way to adjust it. Another great way to get more out of your new boiler is to find one that incorporates weather-activated controls to maintain peak efficiency.

Evaluate lifetime costs

A heating system analysis will highlight whether the upgrades you plan to implement will meet the current and future needs of your building. This means you should know about your steam pressure and volume needs, as well as how the boiler load changes each day, week, or season. You should also carry out a full water quality assessment. Water quality will affect the overall efficiency of your heating system. Once you understand these aspects, you can install the right system for your building.


It is best to choose commercial boilers that have no shortage of replacement parts. There should be no shortage of reputable plumbers who know how to install them, and they should have excellent reputations for longevity and great warranties. That way, when you choose your new system, you can rest assured it will be easy to fix if anything goes wrong. Your building won’t be left in the cold for too long, and you can be sure the repair process won’t be too costly.

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