Case Study: Perfectus Biomed Laboratory Installation

Case study: Perfectus Biomed – Laboratory Installation – specialist gases, plumbing & electricity

Case study: Perfectus Biomed
Laboratory Installation: From empty shell to fully-functioning bio laboratory including specialist gases, plumbing and electricity.

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Client: Perfectus Biomed - microbiological contract testing
Project: New laboratory installation within a new build space
Services supplied: Laboratory layout; design and configuration; installation and commissioning of specialist gases distribution system including storage facilities and change over units for CO2 and Anaerobic Gas; distribution of natural gas throughout the labs, along with plumbing and chemical waste system; Lab electrics including alarms and fume cupboards.

Background: Relocation to a new space

Following a period of rapid growth Perfectos Biomed decided to relocate their laboratory to improve efficiencies in the working environment with the scope grow in the future. The newly built premises, at Techspace One in Daresbury, offered a blank canvas to design and install a purpose-built laboratory bespoke to their needs within a ten-week project timescale.

Challenge: Creating a purpose-built laboratory for now and the future

An empty shell gave Perfectus Biomed the opportunity to create a bespoke laboratory and the responsibility for full end-to-end design, installation and fit out of all kit, services and infrastructure such specialist lab gases, plumbing, waste and electricity. With a list of requirements for equipment and clear vision of their end goal, Higgins was appointed to provide the key infrastructure services - plumbing, waste, electrical, natural gas and specialist gas systems.

“Transforming an empty space into a fully functioning, safe, fit for purpose laboratory is no mean feat. The ‘unknown unknowns’ made the design, installation and fit out challenging to plan and manage. We chose to work with Higgins due to their expertise and knowledge within the laboratory sector and for their commercial awareness. They understood exactly what was required to ensure the resultant lab was fit for purpose now and for the future.”
Dr. Samanatha Westgate, CEO Perfectus Biomed

Solution: Higgins expertise

The Higgins team worked together with Perfectus on the following;
Design for now and future: advising on design and layout, mapping the key services locations ensuring fit for purpose functionally now and flexibility to grow in the future. Thus ensuring the infrastructure is in place to prevent expensive move arounds

Maximising the use of space: recommendations on positioning large equipment such as fume cupboards and incubators along with gas bottle storage whilst considering the pressure regulations and H&S to ensure the workspace is radical and utilised where space is a premium commodity with rental cost based on square foot.

Installation of services: The installation of services throughout the lab was coordinated with the furniture manufacturer with all first fix services in place before the installation of the bespoke fitted furniture. Once the furniture was fitted all the electrical outlets along with the wall and bench mounted gas taps / vacuum points were fitted. Hot and cold water was distributed around the lab to the various sinks along with Vulcathene chemical waste system terminated to the sites dedicated laboratory waste system

Sourcing suppliers and contractors: Including partitions, false ceilings, specialist laboratory furniture.

Project Management: Liaising and communicating with multiple suppliers, managing timelines and ascertaining responsibility. Regularly keeping the client up-to-date with progress.

Adherence to all required regulations and standards: Meeting all industry regulations including CDM, Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR), British Compressed Gas Association (BCGA) Codes of practice, Gas Safe, WRAS.

“The Higgins team were not afraid to voice concerns about our design aspirations and always had practical recommendations for resolutions that worked for us, rather than them. They care about the little details too – My aim was to create an excellent working environment for our laboratory staff and Higgins recognised that small design details make a big difference.”
Dr. Samanatha Westgate, CEO Perfectus Biomed

Results: A fully functioning bio-laboratory

Completed on time and within budget, the Perfectus Biomed new laboratory adheres to all required standards and regulations.

The infrastructure for growth is also in place in advance allowing Perfectus Biomed the opportunity add to the design as and when required.

Higgins continues to support Perfectus Boimed with maintenance and annual servicing of the specialist gas system.

“We have created a fully functioning fit for purpose laboratory, that maximises the space now and allows future growth. It’s a space that my team enjoy working in and we are proud to show our clients. Importantly its safe and adheres to all regulatory standards.”
Dr. Samanatha Westgate, CEO Perfectus Biomed

About Perfectus Biomed: Perfectus Biomed is a leading UKAS accredited Contract Research Organisation (CRO). They provide both standard and customised microbiology with extensive experience in developing ‘fit for purpose’ experiments that mimic ‘real-life’ scenarios. Their scientists specialise in antimicrobial, biofilm, viral, fungal and cellular research and support a variety of sectors including; wound care, medical device, dental, household care, cosmetics and water treatment.

Empty laboratory, before the move in.
Large windows in all working spaces provide a scenic view to the outside from within the environmentally controlled Category 2 laboratory.

Plenty of useable work space and suitable space for equipment such as the confocal microscope.

Senior microbiologist’s work station.

Large equipment area featuring built in fume cupboard, anaerobic cabinet, shaking incubators.

Gas taps.

Biosafety cabinets.

Laboratory media preperation room.

Fume cupboard and caged gasses.